And Now the Fun Begins or Lessons Learned While Traveling through the Oregon Wilderness

  • Lesson #1:  Put a map in your car.
  • Lesson #2:  Don’t trust your GPS blindly.
  • Lesson #3:  If there are no other cars on the road, perhaps it’s not a wise choice.


As we embarked on our 3-hour journey from Portland to Sisters, Oregon, it was not long before I was reminded of those tragic stories where a family is stranded for days in the National Forests of Oregon.  How could that possibly happen, I always wondered?  Now I knew – they followed the “fastest” route on their rental car GPS. The beautiful scenery quickly turned to a bit of panic.  We were deep in Mount Hood National Forest, 1/2 hour out of cellphone range, no other cars on the road, and the road had now become impassable.  I began making a mental list of the supplies we had in the car for survival ~ our ski clothes – long underwear, boots, gloves, hats; food and drink – 1/2 bottle of water, 2 cans of Pepsi, and a chocolate muffin. We made the wise decision to backtrack.  6 hours later through snow, fog, and sun, we finally ended up at the Bird’s lovely home on Black Butte Ranch.

Awoke this morning to a lot of snow.  We’re officially snowed in.  The Bird’s home is one of the last lots on the ranch – miles and miles of snowy, unplowed road.  Technically can’t go anywhere until it’s plowed.

IMG_3989 IMG_3990


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