Ativan anyone?

I realize it’s only November, but I already have a resolution for 2011. I have got to get better at this traveling thing – as I sit here waiting, 45 minutes before my flight boards, which is 45 minutes before it takes off. This after perusing the shops, buying a book after much debate, and making an unhealthy stop at McDonald’s. One would think that after living abroad for the past 10 years I would have this down.

Brad encouraged me to take the Narita Express that would have gotten me here a safe two hours before my flight. But all the “what-ifs” popped into my head. What if there’s a jumper on the tracks, delaying the train? (It happened before and I missed my flight.) What if there’s a ridiculously long check-in line wrapped around the entire check-in area. It’s always that way with Delta. Today with American – in and out, 5 minutes tops.

So here I sit – and wait. But the worst part was that I was snippy with Brad. Snippy for not being at the car at 2:45 like he promised. Snippy for not going the way I thought he should go and for dropping me off in an unfamiliar place. And I only slightly softened when he grabbed my suitcase and ran up the stairs to get my train ticket on time. I finally relaxed when the ticket for the too-early train was in my hand with 10 minutes to spare. Barely time for a quick kiss goodbye. Certainly not time for a proper apology.

So I resolve to relax and travel stress-free  – for my health and the sanity of those around me.

An addendum – when you catch the early train, thereby assuring that you will be the first to check in, your bags will be the LAST OFF on the other end!


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Grandma! Mother, teacher, traveler. Looking for my next passion.
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