Emerging from the Mist ~ Sapa, Vietnam

Fun Fact ~  Apparently December is not the best time to visit Northern Vietnam. Although beautiful in its eeriness, shrouded in the fog and mist, I’m sure there were parts of Sapa we missed. (I see a yet another trip to Vietnam in our future.) But, being the troopers that we are, we trudged on. We trekked down into the valley to see the Black Hmong hill tribe village. The Black Hmong were very inquisitive, delighting in striking up a conversation as they “chose” you. “I follow you. You buy from me.” “How much for the baby?” (sooo cute!) And they spoke decent English, learned from tourists. It was not lost on me that after 10 years in Japan I can speak about 5 words in Japanese and these poor, uneducated women have all but mastered English.

The Victoria Hotel

The Victoria Hotel

The further we trekked down the more I realized eventually we were going to have to go back up. As we’re walking, passing all the “genki” people going down, I’m slowly peeling off layers (couldn’t quite figure out a discreet way to take off my leggings), silently cursing under my breath, and wishing I had nabbed the first motorbike that had whizzed by.


  • Hiking up Ham Rong Mountain and seeing Sapa Valley below
  • The great bargains we got on purses!
  • Peeking in the Children’s Corner at the Victoria and seeing Samuel, Thomas, and Priya. They were so excited and surprised to see me that they ran up to me and enveloped me in a group hug – “Mrs. Maggart!!”
  • Our sweet guide, Quyen. When we left she hugged me so tightly.

Ham Rong Mountain IMG_0418




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  1. Aunt Pat says:

    paNot sure how this works,hope it does wanted to say Happy new Year. Read your blog. We are on own adventure, went to Rose Bowl. On our way home now, currently in Phoenix.

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