All the blogs and reviews suggest that you should see Borobudur Temple at sunrise. I was quite certain that it would look just as beautiful at any time of the day, but you know Brad. We left the hotel at 4 a.m.!

When you arrive they give you a sarong (respect) and a flashlight (so you don’t trip). A guide led us down a path and then pointed “this way”. We met a lovely couple from the US, Vanessa and Steve, and wandered with them in virtual darkness (they were little flashlights) until the temple loomed before us. We proceeded up the temple steps chatting away, loudly, about our children. At the top of the steps, around 50 people were waiting, silently. Oops.

We found ourselves a comfortable spot along a stone wall and settled in waiting for the sunrise. (Well, I settled in. Brad was up and about snapping 2 million pre and post-sunrise pictures.) From all around us in the valley below, the roosters announced the new day.

Just a little tip ~ waking at 3:30 was totally worth it. Simply beautiful.

Borobudur at sunrise

Borobudur at sunrise




Mt. Merapi

   Mt. Merapi

Borobudur Temple

Borobudur Temple


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