Adventures in Dentistry

Today I cracked my tooth. Half of it actually fell out of my mouth. (Damn those Welch’s Fruit Snacks!) I needed to make an emergency trip to a dentist – in Bangkok. It was an…. unusual experience.

Once diagnosed, x-rayed, and then settled in my chair, the doctor placed a cloth over my face which covered my eyes but had a hole for my nose and mouth. She injected me with Novocain and left the room – for 20 minutes! I couldn’t see anything (cloth on face), I twiddled my thumbs, longed for my phone, and then I started to get anxious. Was she ever coming back? She did. (I kind of wish she hadn’t.)

I’m not sure what she did (cloth on face), but there was drilling, grinding, a lot of “Open your mouth wider please. Wider.” (My nose kept getting caught in the hole in the cloth preventing my mouth from opening wider.) Also, I was convinced her assistant was trying to kill me, vigorously spraying water down my throat then following that up by jamming the drying thingy down my throat, choking me. I proceeded to try to bite down on her dental tools to save my life. “Open your mouth wider please.” Finally she placed some metal contraption in my mouth (couldn’t see what it was…) to either clamp down the temporary cement she placed on my tooth or to keep my mouth open wider.

At the end of the day, I’m not finished! What used to be my tooth is now just a blob of cement. I’ve been advised not to eat on the left side of my mouth until I can see her again – which isn’t for two weeks. (due to a trip I have planned)

I stopped by Wine Connection on the way home to pick up a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc. This day hadn’t gone as planned, and wine was the answer. (Let’s be honest. I rarely have a plan to my day, but if I did, this wouldn’t have been on it.)


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