Another Walking Adventure in Bangkok

I spent all sunny morning inside while a handyman replaced the valve and hose that were apparently the cause of the leak in my bathroom only to determine that the second valve was broken (I found this suspect), so after a quick workout, I spent the last of the sunniness inside waiting for my bathroom to be leak free.

Finally. I had errands to run. I needed to get rice because, despite having already been to the grocery store this weekend, the bag of rice I held in my hand then was crawling with bugs. It freaked me out so much that I refused to get another one. But tonight’s recipe called for rice, and enough time had passed that I felt I could give it another try. I ventured outside. A quick glance to my right revealed a threatening sky, but the sky threatens often. I needed rice. I ventured on.

Now there comes a moment when you need to make a decision. That moment was probably when the clouds continued to roll in and the wind started whipping up. But I was beyond the point of no return, so I ventured on, still hopeful. I got my rice, some chicken, and Ziploc bags. The cashier said something to me in Thai and then the word “storm”. Yep, probably going to get wet.

It didn’t take long. First a little drizzle, then a steady torrent. I passed a few farangs (foreigners) who were also without umbrellas. We just smiled as we passed. (The Thais all had umbrellas.) I was thankful that I didn’t wear my nice sandals, was wearing my floating market dress, and no makeup. I was only sad that I didn’t have my cute, little rain boots bought just for this purpose. Once I was drenched, I just enjoyed it. It beats the 100-degree heat.

There are no lessons to be learned. When we bring our umbrellas, it never rains.


About l3ann

Grandma! Mother, teacher, traveler. Looking for my next passion.
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One Response to Another Walking Adventure in Bangkok

  1. Tonya Lasky says:

    I LOVE your writing Leann! Your experiences always put a smile on my face (sorry:)

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