Peace, Tranquility, and Crazy Tuk-tuks

Words don’t come close to describing the warmth in my chest, flutter in my stomach, as I lounge by the pool in our villa taking in my surroundings. The peace, tranquility, intricately carved posts, teakwood slats. The rushing water from the brook nearby, gurgling from a makeshift waterfall, dappled sunlight dancing on the greens, fuschias, and violets. As I did with the view of the Japanese Alps in Hakuba, I want to bottle up this scenery, this peace, and shelve it away to be called upon when I need a moment of respite. If you can’t find me, I’ve run away to the Four Seasons Chiang Mai.


Rice fields of the Four Seasons



Brad lounging by our pool


Sights and Sounds of Chiang Mai


Found this sweet, little coffee shop when we ventured down the road.



A mid-afternoon break

Falling under the category of Things You Tell Your Children Not to Do ~ Taking a tuk-tuk, bejeweled with iridescent dragons, 45 minutes to our destination, half of it on the expressway, with semi-drunk passengers (I say semi because one of us was drunk and the other was fairly coherent but strangely comfortable with the dangerous situation). Adding to the precariousness of the situation, our driver stopped for gas to “make sure we had enough for the drive” and then attached the bag of fireworks he just bought to the side of the vehicle – “For good luck! Chases away the bad spirits.” Speeding down the expressway, he would honk at the stray dogs that were wandering onto the desolate road. It was so cold – not winter-in-Chicago cold, but more like I-dressed-for-tropical-Thailand-and-it’s-now-cool-season, the wind blasting in my face due to the who-knew-a-tuk-tuk-could-go-this-fast speed. (Way too many hyphens, I’m aware. See semi-drunk above.)


Our Tuk-tuk taking a short cut down a sketchy alley! I can touch that wall.

We went to Chiang Mai for the Yee Peng Lantern Festival. This site explains it all beautifully. I’ll just let the pictures tell the story.


Getting ready for the lantern festival. We would be seated way up front in the VIP section! Later in the evening, we joined the other VIPs in a procession of lanterns. “Paparazzi” on the perimeter got right in our faces snapping photos. I think they thought we were famous and not just someone who paid way too much for tickets!


Novices preparing for the ceremony





Our final lantern of the weekend


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