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Once in a Lifetime Experience ~ A Visit to the Royal Crematorium

Venturing out on a clear, beautiful, almost-cool Saturday night in Bangkok, Brad and I thought we’d just “walk by” the Royal Crematorium built for the beloved King Bhumibol Adulyadej and snap a few pictures, from the street. The crematorium took … Continue reading

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Peace, Tranquility, and Crazy Tuk-tuks

Words don’t come close to describing the warmth in my chest, flutter in my stomach, as I lounge by the pool in our villa taking in my surroundings. The peace, tranquility, intricately carved posts, teakwood slats. The rushing water from … Continue reading

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A Biking Adventure

I have friends who bike. Several days. For fun. The last time I was on a bike was a troublesome outing to Tama HIlls for a cross country meet in 2011. (My seat fell off, and Brad gallantly rode my … Continue reading

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Adventures in Dentistry

Today I cracked my tooth. Half of it actually fell out of my mouth. (Damn those Welch’s Fruit Snacks!) I needed to make an emergency trip to a dentist – in Bangkok. It was an…. unusual experience. Once diagnosed, x-rayed, … Continue reading

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Another Walking Adventure in Bangkok

I spent all sunny morning inside while a handyman replaced the valve and hose that were apparently the cause of the leak in my bathroom only to determine that the second valve was broken (I found this suspect), so after … Continue reading

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Celebrating New Year’s – the Thai Way

Despite making all the necessary preparations for our first, much anticipated Songkran – we bought water guns, dry bags for our clothes, dry bags for our phones – we were caught totally unprepared. Songkran is celebrated on April 13-15 every year, so of … Continue reading

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Color and Contrast ~ Chennai

Chennai is a city of color and contrast. I took a quick trip to visit our friends, C and L. Wonderful hosts, we did the usual – visited their local market, toured the UNESCO World Heritage archaeological site, Mahabalipuram, dined … Continue reading

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